Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aloha is what I'am About...

Aloha is what it's all about... I'm a maker! I can't be anything else. I tried, oh heaven I've tried. I'm a funky shape, just choosing to make my mark, and sharing it with anyone who wants to get their hands wet and start a mess. Stone & Bone, is my LOVE CHILD that has continued to grow over time, and I see no end to the madness. LOL...I'm addicted like fish to a lure with all those little shiny beads, wire and gems, I can't seem to get enough. But, I guess I'm in the perfect place right here on, it's like coming home to a place where everyone just gets me. Each Item in my shop, comes with sort of a story all it's own, but I believe like the paintings that I create, "They should stand on their own, and the person who's attracted to it should want it for what they see in it, not for what my story is." Each piece becomes intimate for that person, or the special one they're purchasing it for. I create from a cultural tradition, that aloha and magic is woven into each piece, making them blessed and empowered with life giving energy. It's what Stone & Bone is known for. Over the many years that I've been selling my work in galleries in Hawaii, the one most very important compliment that I've continuously received is, "Your work pulled me in, I can feel the Aloha you put into all that you do. It just called to me." That beings said, Now you can see why I love what I do. It touches people, I can't explain it to you how it happens, it just does. What matters to me the very most, is that my customers know they are very special to me. Many have become long time friends, and even ohana. Trust me when I say, Etsy has allowed me to reach across the world to people and places I could never even imagine would want what I make. But now I know better. {Mahalo Etsy} Aloha Pk Always with 100% Aloha from Hawaii

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